how many clients do you take?

We take on a very limited handful of clients per year to ensure our availability and to also ensure our continued inspiration in our field.


do you take on clients worldwide?

We do, we have designed homes in New York and beyond!  Please inquire about our services whether you are having a project in Southern California or the South of France! 


Do you work with minimums?

Yes, we do.  Although we work with all sorts of budgets for our overall projects, it is important to us that you view our investment guide and ensure the Southern California averages listed per square foot feel right for your budget.  


at what point in the project do you normally book?

The earlier, the better!  It is best to get us involved at the initial stages.  This way, we can avoid re-drafts or editing work that you have already paid to have done to include things you will need to enjoy your home (like outlets and lights in the right places or walkway openings that are the right size for the space!  


How much are 3d renderings?

We will sometimes include 3d renderings in our workload, as we feel that for major work or comparisons or spaces, this is an important portion of the visualization process to ensure you are comfortable understanding what it will look and feel like.  With that said, there are times where this is not included and we can charge separately for this.  Whether or not we have included this will all be laid out in your scope of work.  


Can i purchase some of the furnishings on my own?

If you have hired us for full service furnishings within your space, we ask that you please NOT purchase anything on your own and allow us to take over the process.  This is done for many reasons, but mostly, so that the process is seamless and organized.  We use a detailed tracking system and have employees on staff just to handle returns or exchanges for things that are damaged, we ask that you please respect the process and allow us to organize your project so that you can enjoy the entire process.